Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ireland - Day 1 & 2

Well...the hubby & I made it to Ireland safely. We had a great flight over. We actually volunteered to be bumped off of the over crowded flight from Canada to Dublin and we went from Canada to Germany to Dublin IN FIRST CLASS! It was awesome. Our seats folded down into a bed and the meals were awesome. Shrimp, a gorgeous salad, beef tips in wine sauce, roasted potatoes....and then I fell asleep. My hubby stayed awake to eat the cake. 

Here is the only proof we have that we were in Germany - ha! 

We found a 4 bedroom home through and the couple who owned it picked us up at the airport. They were very nice. They dropped us off at their home (it is their second home) and then explained how to use everything. They had a second car at the house for us to use for the three weeks we are in Ireland. 

The first night we went to McDonald's and had their Irish beef hamburger (it actually tasted better than the US version) and then went to a 24/7 grocery store to stock up on basics. 

After a great night of sleep, we unpacked and organized yesterday. Then we drove around the small town. Here are a few photos which have the Irish Sea in the background. Pardon the lack of make-up.

Today we drove up to Northern Ireland which is actually part of the UK. We are staying at a hotel for two nights and will be seeing the "sights" up here. Thankfully the hotel has Wi-Fi. I was dying without it. I'll be posting more photos as the trip progresses.

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