Friday, June 8, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

I tried to post this earlier in the week and for some unknown reason, the HTML (i.e. computer code) was all screwed up and so I deleted the post. I'm going to try it again...

I have sold a lot on ebay this past week. Ebay had a free listing sale and I took advantage of it by putting about 400 items up. I sold about 150 of them. 

Here are some things that have sold within the last week on ebay:

1. Alaia Paris dress, purchased for $5. This is why I always have internet on my phone. The dress looked well done but it was fairly plain. This was purchased at a thrift in Pittsburgh that overprices a lot of their items. Well, they missed overpricing this one. I looked it up on my phone and realized the dress would have originally retailed for about $3-$4,000!

It sold for $399 and I am thrilled.

2. St. John Couture white knit skirt. Sold for $105.

3. St. John Collection skirt, sold for $85.

4. Eileen Fisher long gray sweater coat, sold for $70.

5. Michael Kors dress. I wasn't sure about this one but for $5, I picked it up. It sold to a person in Israel for $61. Printing international labels is easy thanks to ebay. You can print them on any regular ink jet printer. Once printed, just sign the page and tape it on the package. Your mail carrier will take it for you. No need to go to the post office!

6. Lot of 2 Isagenix drinks, sold for $51. I am on the Isagenix auto ship program and since the hubby & I are going on vacation next week and I won't be able to pack liquids, I thought I would try to sell some of the products I won't be using. I was surprised when three of the products sold for $120. 

This isn't a profit for me since I spend about $290/month on Isagenix anyway but I kept the 60 powdered shake mixes, the natural accelerator pills and the flush pills for myself and so it brought the program down to $180 or so. I hate doing the cleanse days anyway ;)

7. Ralph Lauren madras plaid MEN'S pants, sold for $53. 

8. Omega Juicer, sold for $45. 

9. Valentino jacket, sold for $45. 

10. An Anthropologie brand: Edme & Esyllte dress, sold for $46.

11. Another St. John piece. This one was from the "lower" line: St. John Sport. Sold for $34. 

12. There are a lot of dog & cat lovers out there and so I pick up anything themed with dogs or cats. This sweater was made by Sugar Street Weavers and it sold for $27. 

13. J. Crew lighthouse & post card printed dress, sold for $56.


  1. WOW!
    I don't think I can breathe after that blue dress@
    I am so nervous to ship internationally.

  2. Thanks! I was getting the dress ready to list and I examined it SO closely. I was afraid it had some kind of flaw. I hope the buyer loves it!

    I didn't ship internationally for years. In fact, I just started again. I only ship priority mail (which costs about $17 for a padded flat rate mailer) and even so, I am still nervous each time. That Michael Kors dress would have never went for over $60 here in the US though.


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