Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ireland Update

Well, we are finished with our first week in Ireland. We are here for a total of 3 weeks which was probably too long honestly. I would suggest a 2-week vacation for anyone wanting to see Ireland. Tonight is our last night in a hotel before we go back to the house we have through and will be the last post for awhile.

Here are our thoughts so far on Ireland: It is cold and wet. I never really thought about it but Ireland is so green from all of the rain. We have been here 7 days and it has rained each and every day. It seems like it can go for about an hour without raining and then . . . it rains again. Thank goodness we have good jackets and an extra pair of sneakers. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed in western Ireland. Our hotel was a short drive from an old cemetery and a quaint beach.

 We took a boat tour of the cliffs and then walked around the smallest of the three Aran Islands - Inisheer. The island has been my favorite part so far. Castles are wonderful but they all kind of look alike after awhile (sorry Ireland!). 

 On Inisheer Island:
 The gorgeous beach on Inisheer.
 O'Brien Castle at the top of Inisheer Island:

 Clearly those Medieval people were much smaller than my 6'6" hubby.
 The island was covered with these stones. The farmers gathered them and made walls. The entire island is covered with the stone walls. Amazing!

 My hubby pretending to fly (I'm not sure why). You can see the stone walls in the background.

A shipwreck on Inisheer Island:

The Cliffs of Moher have 1000 foot drops from the top and there are no guard rails. Very scary!

We are now in a hotel just outside of Cork, Ireland and we will hopefully (if it doesn't rain tomorrow) go to some of the southern beaches and castles.


  1. Should have gone to London. Dreary too but more action.

  2. Maybe home exchange in Tahiti next time ??? lol
    Great photos although Id love to see the home your staying in!


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