Thursday, June 7, 2012

Isagenix - 30 Day Update

For the last 30 days (well...33 days since I skipped 3 in the middle), I have been following the Isagenix 30-day cleanse plan. The plan allows you to substitute two meals a day with shakes, eat snacks (yogurts, fruits, etc) and a decent meal in the middle of the day (up to 600 calories). 

I have lost 8 pounds and 21.25" off of my body: 2" from my chest, 3" from my ribcage, 3.5" from my waist, 2.5" off my hips, 2.75" off my buttocks, 2" off each thigh, 1" off each calf and 1/2" off each arm. 

This was all within the last month! I am pretty excited. I still have 6 days before Ireland and will continue to stay with the program at least that long. I have plans of packing the powdered shake mixes so I can stay healthy in Ireland. 

My 30 day goal was to lose 8-10 pounds and I am thrilled that I hit it. I am hoping for another 1-2 pounds to come off by Ireland though. 

Here is what my day looks like with Isagenix

Step 1: Mix an Isagenix powered fruit mix into water and drink. It tastes like a Jolly Rancher. The plan wants you to do this within 1/2 hour of waking up. Take an Isagenix Natural Accelerator pill with the drink. Thankfully they are coated, not large and easy to swallow.

Step 2: Mix the Isagenix powdered shake into water, blend and then add ice. I also put some kind extract in mine. I have the chocolate mix and so orange, raspberry and peppermint are my favorites to add. Isagneix also has a non-powdered,  liquid shake but I haven't tried it. They also have the shake mixes in vanilla. I usually drink the shake about 1 hour after I have drank the Step 1 fruit mix.

Step 3: Eat a snack. I always do a yogurt & 1 cup of berries. Last week my grocery store had blackberries and raspberries on sale. Yum! I usually wait about 1.5-2 hours after drinking my shake. The shakes really fill me up.

Step 4: Eat lunch. I break up the 600 calories and do two separate meals. The first is usually a spinach leaf, berry, sliced carrot and grilled chicken salad with a few squirts of the Wishbone 1 calorie dressing. This meal comes to around 250 calories. I eat this about 1 hour after the snack. 

Step 5: Eat again...a second lunch. The first lunch only fills me up for a few hours and so by mid-afternoon I am starving again. My second lunch is usually a Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meal. You can find them for around $2 at Wal-Mart. My favorites are the turkey & mashed potatoes (200 calories) and the Mesquite chicken & roasted potatoes (250 calories). I eat this about 2 hours after eating the first lunch. 

Step 6: Afternoon snack. Another yogurt or some jello and some more fruit. Sometimes I skip this snack if I am not hungry. If I am hungry, I usually eat it 2 hours after the second lunch. I take another Natural Accelerator capsule. They are supposed to keep the bowels moving ;)

Step 7: The last meal of the day. Another shake. I eat this about 1-2 hours before bedtime. And I take  an Isagenix Flush pill. I'm not sure what these do honestly. But they are also easy to swallow. 

-Isagenix wants you to drink 8 glasses of water. I love drinking water and so this isn't a problem for me. 

-The Isagenix 30-day program comes with cleanse drinks for "cleanse" days. These days are supposed to happen every 7th day. You don't eat too much "real food" but drink the berry flavored thick drink with water and ice 4x a day. If you are feeling like your blood sugar is low (which mine usually is), they suggest eating 1/4 apple or pear. I usually eat the entire apple. The plan also includes Isagenix snacks. They are round water looking things that taste like powdered hot chocolate. If you eat them just for a snack on a regular day, they are not too great. But when you are starving on the cleanse day, they are yummy. 

-Isgenix suggests exercising atleast 20 minutes a day, except on the cleanse day. I have not been doing this since I had knee surgery just 5 weeks ago. The hubby & I did try walking twice (about 1/2 mile each) and my knee was swollen afterward. I am going to just rest it this week since I am sure we will be doing plenty of walking in Ireland. In fact, I rested most of the 30 days since I had a number of illnesses that put me in bed. 

I will be putting up before/after photos next week. 

Have questions? Feel free to ask! I will be glad to answer any.

Want to sign up? Here is the link to the Isagenix website: LINK.

The plan costs about $324 with shipping & tax for the first 30 day cleanse. After that it costs about $290 with shipping & tax if you wanted to re-order. Simply choose the auto-ship plan to get it for the cost of $324. You can cancel the auto ship any time.


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