Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back to the Emergency Room...

I thought we would be back in the ER this week. However, I thought it would be for the husband. This is what he was doing yesterday: 

However, we were not in the ER for him. Around 8am this morning I had a phone call from my father-in-law. His shoulder was bothering him. I woke the hubby and we threw on clothes and drove the mile to his house. 

He is elderly and lives alone. However, we are always around for him. My hubby is up there every day. Every. Single. Day. The father-in-law doesn't realize he should not be doing major yard work. We keep telling him but he is not slowing down. 

The other day he decided he wanted to seal the floor of the HUGE garage out back. He wanted to do it himself. So although the hubby & I knew he was going to be sore, we let him. He is an adult and has to learn. 

When we went up to his house this morning, he was bruised from his elbow to his shoulder. From his neck to his chest all up the one side. It was the worst bruising I have seen. 

We took him to the ER and they did X-rays. He sprained his shoulder and pulled some muscles. The doctor gave him a "talking to" and told him he should not be working that hard (which is what we tell him every day). Hopefully he listens this time. 

While we were there, I decided it would be a good idea to also get checked. I was at the ER just 10 days ago and had strep, pink eye and a cold. 

I am still not feeling well and was up last night for an hour coughing. The doctor tested me for mono, pneumonia, strep and bronchitis. Thankfully I only have bronchitis. He also gave me a "Z Pack" for the cold and congestion. 

It was a very productive ER visit. Hopefully that will hold us for awhile. 

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  1. praying for your father in law- I can't believe his work ethic- he is amazing!
    Hoping your "z" pack works as well.
    Love the hubby on the giant ladder- can't imagine between his height and that ladder how high he is up there!


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