Monday, June 18, 2012

Ireland - Day 3

Today we are went to a few fun places in Northern Island (UK). The Giant's Causeway is "THE" place to visit if you come to this area and it is amazing. God is amazing! 

It is made up of about 40,000 interlocking columns which are a result of a volcanic eruption. Most of the columns are hexagonal and the tallest is 40 feet high.

Today was our only day to see these amazing columns and it was raining. We stuck it out and it did finally clear up a bit. Ireland has a lot of rain.

On our way back from the Giant's Causeway we stopped at a few castles. 

This one is named Dunseverick and it is from 500 AD! It is mostly in ruins (since it mostly slid into the sea) but a few of the walls still stand.

This next castle was in amazing shape. It is called Dunluce Castle and it was built in the 13th century. 

 This was a posed shot. We did not go beyond the fence.

Next we stopped at the Carrack-A-Rede Rope Bridge. The bridge is put up every spring by fisherman to get across to the island of Carrickarede. It is 66 feet long and is 98 feet over the sea. I didn't look down. At all. 
 Isn't the water gorgeous? It is a tropical blue-green color in spots. I wish it was about 30 degrees warmer so we could swim!

On the way back to the hotel, we picked up a few groceries. 

We tried yesterday but it was closed when we got there (after 6pm). The concierge at the front desk said it was open 24 hours a day.

The large sign on the side of the building gave us a chuckle.

Tomorrow we head down the west coast to our next stop in Galway. More photos later this week.


  1. I never have aspirations of leaving the US, but these are the most beautiful pictures and I Ireland looks so amazing, I might want to fly internationally- lol!
    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks! If you do ever fly internationally, go south to the Caribbean or another gorgeous beach. We are loving Ireland but it is cold & wet.


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