Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tornado, Lightning & Storms in PA

This past week we have had several bad storms in our area.

As most "country folk" do, we drive around after a storm to see how bad the damage is in our part of town. We have a lot of creeks (pronounced "cricks") that flood quite easily and spill over onto the streets. It is fun to see (my idea of fun may be different than yours clearly).

This past week there were two damaging storms. After the first storm, we got in our car and our garage door would not open. We had only lost power for a few minutes. 

My husband got out to manually open the garage door. Later he took apart the garage door opener and it had been struck by lightning! You can see where the lightning burned through it. We had heard an amazingly loud noise and felt a buzz go through our bodies about an hour earlier. We thought that lightning probably hit a tree in the area. Nope, it had hit our home. We are okay and everything is fine besides the garage door opener. 

Once we got on the road, we saw about 8 trees down. One had been plucked from the earth and the roots were standing straight up. I forgot to take my camera but it was impressive.

Here is a photo from a storm chaser in our area of the lightning: 

And another photo from the same storm:

Yesterday we had another storm hit. There were funnel clouds spotted about 3 miles up the road from us and the tornado touched down about 30 minutes away. 

After the storm yesterday we saw just one tree down - on a power wire. We were without power for over 9 hours. Thankfully it came back on around 3am this morning. 

I love storms. Love them! But they freak me out when they get so close.


  1. I love storms too, but that second snapshot made me jump! Legit, it looks like that city is being struck on fire and set a blaze after that lightning! Very cool...

    -Carlos Hernandez

  2. Indeed, storms are freaky! And dangerous too! When they struck, my impulse is to run as fast as I can to our safe room where no lighting, tornadoes, or whatsoever natural disaster could ever hurt me. =)

    Edwina Sybert


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