Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where are our keys? Oh - in the Gulf of Mexico!

Tropical Storm Isaac did not effect the area as much as the weather reports were first stating. In fact, we just got a few days of wind.

Every morning I have been walking the beach looking for shells washed up by the storm. The waves have been high in the Gulf of Mexico but I was enjoying the walks. Until this morning. I lost the only set of van keys we had in FL.

Yup, for some reason we only had one set of keys. The others were left back in PA.

My jogging shorts do not have pockets in them. In fact, most of my clothing does not have pockets which is a bit annoying. And so, I put the keys in a plastic bag with my sandals. The bag had no holes. I held the bag the entire time and yet when I went to get the keys, they were not there. My sandals were there but the keys somehow escaped.

The only thought I have is that they are somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.  I do not know how they left the bag but they did. I walked up and down the beach looking for them.

A nice lifeguard let me use his cell phone to call the hubby who was back at the condo. I told him what happened and he said for me to take the free trolley back to the condo. I seriously forgot about the free trolley and would have walked the 4 miles back to the condo. Good thing for hubbies who have common sense!

Another set is being shipped from PA and they should be here within a few days. We could walk to the beach from our condo plus there is the free trolley. We have plenty of food, internet and cable. We have a cell phone and no one was hurt.

I guess if there was anywhere I'd want to be without a car, it would be on Anna Maria Island. But, if someone happens to find a Dodge Caravan key, remote fob and 4 condo keys, could you please let me know? :) 

Here are a few more photos I took yesterday after Isaac passed. 

A flooded parking lot 

It was a double red flag day at the beach which means that the public is NOT allowed in the water.

Three baby gulls trying to walk against the wind. The wind would push them back into the water with every step they took.

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