Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane & Dolphins

We have two and a half weeks left on our wonderful FL vacation. We are on a tiny strip of land known as Anna Maria Island. It is just south of St. Petersburg and just north of Sarasota.

The island is 7 miles long and is very thin. There is one road that goes the entire length of the island - Gulf Drive. 

We are having the best time and hopefully will continue our vacation without being evacuated. Why? Because there is a hurricane headed our way! It is kind of scary but kind of fun. 

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I remember a hurricane on Long Island when I was young and I had the best time. Of course I wasn't in charge and could enjoy the storm without thinking of where to get water or how to make the next meal. 

And so we went to the beach for one last swim before the storm hits later tomorrow or early Monday. It was gorgeous. 

We see dolphins at the beach every year we come and sometimes they get VERY close. Yesterday I captured three dolphin with my camera and even got a shot of one jumping completely out of the water. Very cool! 

I'll keep posting beach photos as long as we have power. I hope everyone stays safe and buys lots of water (I'm actually not sure why everyone buys lots of water but this seems the thing to do).


  1. Oh my gosh! Those dolphins are SOO close! I like the one who jumped all the way out! From my volunteer work in New Orleans, the whole "get water" issue is because the public water system can become contaminated and it can take months to get it back to drinking standards. Be safe!

  2. Hi Gabrielle! The water explanation makes sense. We saved our milk jugs & soda containers and just filled those with water so we are good to go. It looks like New Orleans may get the storm after all. Poor city!


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