Friday, August 24, 2012

The Colors & Fun of Anna Maria Island

My hubby & I have been walking every evening while on vacation. There is a trail along the beach that is mostly shaded by trees. With the breeze off of the Gulf of Mexico cooling us down, the miles pass quickly.

Here is the path on which we walk: 

Two nights ago I decided to walk back to the condo (a 5-mile walk!) and passed some very interesting colored houses along the way. Last night I did the same walk and took my camera along! 

Orange & Turquoise - I love this color combo! Notice the fence?
It has cut-out fish skeletons.

Purple & Green? An unlikely combo!

I am in love with the sherbert colors of these condos.

The fence reads "I wish vacation would last forever" which is SO true!
The same house but zoomed in to show the murals.

More sherbert colored condos.

My house doesn't have shutters but I would want these cute bird cut-out ones if it did.

Dolphin mail box!

The businesses in the area have gotten in on the fun. 
An ice cream shop - we went there and the ice cream is YUMMY!

The same shop from the front.

I love the name - Banana Cabana. It makes me smile.

This restaurant has a shark coming out of the front.

I do not know who Mike Norman is (sorry Mike!) but this is a great marketing tactic!

A photo of the beach from last night - the waves have finally calmed down. Just in time for the hurricane! 

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