Thursday, August 16, 2012

(More) Florida Photos

The house we are staying in this week is the CUTEST little home! It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The hubby & I have never stayed in a house that only has one bathroom and let me tell you...we hope to always have atleast 1.5 bathrooms from now on! I am not sure how my mom, dad, sister, brother & I survived for years with 1 bathroom when I was growing up.

The oak tree on the side of the house where we park every day. 

Fort De Soto Park - we have been here twice and it is gorgeous!

Here is a little squirrel. I thought he was so brave and cute until he ate through my (expensive) cooler and stole our sandwiches and steak (we were floating in the water while this happened). Bad squirrel!

This sidewalk and canal are just a few blocks from the house and we walk there every night. 
So pretty!

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