Saturday, August 11, 2012

Isagenix Update: Did I Reach My Goal?

Tomorrow we leave for a month long vacation to FL. When we got back from Ireland 5 weeks ago, I weighed 145.4 lbs. I wanted to be in the "130's" for our FL vacation (even if it meant I was 139.9lbs). 

Well...this morning I weighed in at...

Yippee! With one day to go, I made my goal! 

Honestly, I was surprised. I ate Wendy's twice ( was their grilled chicken sandwich without anything on it and I threw out most of the bun) and had PIZZA the other day. 

My father-in-law was at the hospital a few days this week and it was a last minute thing. I didn't have time to pack my healthy food and so the hubby & I had pizza. Yum! 

Also, it was raining a lot this week and so I didn't walk as much as I would have liked to. Even with all of that, I still met my goal. I'm so excited! 

In the three months of Isagenix, I have lost 12.6 pounds. That is about a pound a week for three straight months. 

My new goal? To enjoy Florida! I will continue to drink my Isagenix shakes every morning and eat healthy. But I am going to splurge once in a while while on vacation.


  1. Great job! now enjoy your trip!

  2. Very inspiring...I need to get going in the right direction!

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