Friday, August 3, 2012

What I Love This Week

I love so many things and so many things make my life better. Of course there is God, my husband, my family, etc. That isn't what I am blogging about today though.

I am talking about the little things. The things that make you smile and think happy thoughts. 

Here is my list for this week: 

1. Thunder. Isn't it amazing? Obviously I don't have a photo of thunder but I am always in awe of the loudness of the sound and the way it shakes the entire house. 

2. Our new beach cart. We took it to the cheap amusement/water park today and it worked so well. This will make our month in FL so much better since we carry a tent, two chairs, all food, a cooler, towels...well, you get the idea. 

3. My husband's baby photo. He was 16 months old and looks so cute in it. It hangs on our fridge and I smile every time I see it. 

4. This silly red arrow. It means we will be getting Cable next week. We have lived in our home for 10 years. We have never had Cable. It will mean faster internet which is thrilling for me since I work on the computer. 

5. Method cleaners. My mom & sister gave us a Target gift card for our 10 year anniversary. My hubby said I could use it for anything I wanted. I bought cleaner. I think that means I am officially an adult. Aren't they pretty all lined up in the linen closet? 

6. My new camera. My photos are so much clearer than before (which will hopefully mean more sales on ebay!). 
7. The air conditioner in the bedroom. We have several air conditioners throughout the house. Would I love central air? Yes! Am I willing to pay the thousands of dollars for it to be installed? No! The window A/Cs do a great job. 

8. I love the Weight Watchers meals and usually get two kinds: the turkey & mashed potatoes and the chicken mesquite & red potatoes. I am not sure how this one got into my freezer. I probably just grabbed a whole bunch and didn't realize it was mixed in. I tried it and it was delicious!

9. And Nook! I like the convenience and speed of downloading books - they are there within about 30 minutes. Plus, Barnes & Nobles has thousands of free book choices. It will pay for itself within 6-8 months (I got books for around $2 at the thrift before the Nook). I also downloaded apps for a white noise machine which saves me packing a larger unit when we travel.

What makes your life easier? 


  1. Our air conditioner also makes me happy because it never fails to provide me with the utmost comfort everyday! By the way, thunder really makes you happy? We can’t see it but we definitely can feel it, and it makes me nervous all the time. You’re so brave!

    -Mechteld Abelli

  2. The good thing about window ACs is that you can turn it on and off without the other members of the family objecting because you all have your own switch. Haha! On the other hand, having a central AC system means that wherever you are in the house, the temperature is basically the same! This is pretty helpful especially during the summer! In general, what's better really depends on your situation.

    Darryl Iorio

  3. If you’re happy with your window air conditioner, then there’s no need for you to install a central AC in your house. Though if you really want to feel very comfortable wherever you are in your house, go ahead. I’m telling you, you wouldn’t believe how comfortable it would be with a central AC! ;)


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