Thursday, September 13, 2012

We are back in PA - brrr!

We drove straight from FL to PA. That is a 17 hour drive in one day. We had originally planned to stay a night at a hotel but we literally could not find one that had a room open. We called around 20 hotels in four different locations and for some weird reason, they were all full. On a Tuesday. Anyway...

We got home around 1am. I crashed while my awesome hubby unpacked, did the wash, cleaned the house and basically did everything that I planned to do the next day. Awesome, right? 

Yesterday we tried to catch up on sleep, visited my hubby's elderly father, went thrifting (I missed it!) and went grocery shopping. 

We left FL and it was supposed to be 90 degrees that day. We got home and it was around 45 degrees. Thankfully it was almost 80 degrees today. I already miss the beach! 

Our last night in FL we went to a small amusement park. We were the only people at the park! 

See my "regular people" clothes? That is what I call jean shorts, a white t-shirt & sneakers. I very, very rarely wear jean shorts and sneakers. I am usually in a skirt and ballet flats (which I think are more comfortable).

Tomorrow I will be posting my weight. After a month of not watching everything that I put into my mouth, we will see how much I gained. Scary! But, I am back to my Isagenix shakes & healthy eating.

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