Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! FL Photos

I hope everyone is having (or had) a happy Labor Day. I will admit that I had no idea of why we celebrate the day and had to look it up on Wikipedia. Basically the day celebrates the contributions of workers.

It also means that most everyone has off. On an island, it means that everyone is going to be at the beach. We were able to see all different cultures come together on the beach today and we enjoyed it. I know we heard atleast four different languages being spoken. Look how crowded "our" beach was!

This beach usually has maybe six people on it and we are looking forward to going back tomorrow and having less people there.

After our beach experience, we came back to the condo and napped. After all, floating in the Gulf and laying on the sand is exhausting work! Then we drove around looking at real estate in the area. We were encouraged that even with a lower budget, we may be able to afford a place in FL some day!

On the way back from looking at houses, we stopped & took photos next to the Anna Maria Island sign.

And then we sat and watched the sun set.

Tomorrow's day will look almost the same: Wake Up, Beach, Nap, Walk, Watch TV, Sleep.  Each day is perfect and we are enjoying the slow pace of our vacation.

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