Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ebay Sales - 9/9

I have closed my ebay store for a few days. We were on the road yesterday and will be driving from FL to PA on Tuesday & Wednesday. Since I wouldn't be able to ship during these days, I just did the easiest thing and closed the store. 

Here is what sold during the last few days: 

1. Spencer Alexis skirt. This skirt had a flaw - the seam was pulled and needed re-stitched. I didn't realize the flaw in the thrift store. If I was home, I would have stitched it myself. But, I am not home and I don't have a sewing machine with me on vacation. I sold it "as is" and got $20 for it. 

2. Quacker Factory snowman sweater. Another "as is" item - this sweater use to light up but no longer worked. Still an adorable sweater and it sold for $16. By the way, I am TOTALLY wearing these kinds of sweaters when I get older. I am going to be one of those old ladies with themed sweaters for EVERY event!

3. Talbots dress, sold for $22.50.

4. Talbots suit, sold for $29. 

5. Lafayette 148 New York skirt, sold for $30. 

6. Chico's Travelers pants & top outfit, sold for $20. This would have went for a lot more but it was their smallest size (size 0). 

7. New Chico's skirt, sold for $25. 

8. Boden dress with a flaw. I had a lot of flawed items sell this week for some reason. Anyway...the previous owner washed this dress and it shrunk a bit. The dress shrunk but the lining did not and so it stuck out of the bottom. It sold for $13.50. 

9. The Limited suit, sold for $17. 

10. Another flawed item! I bring home a lot of stuff from the thrift and although I try to look over everything closely, I still wind up with missed flaws. I list them "as is" and hope for the best. This Ralph Lauren silk dress may have sold for $25 if it didn't have the flaw - a few pulls. But, it sold for $9 which is over double what I paid for it. I still make a few dollars and the item is gone from my inventory. 

11. Chico's heavy coat, sold for $15. I have had this coat for the LONGEST time and it wasn't moving. I will no longer be buying Chico's heavier items to re-sell.

12. J. Jill velour skirt, sold for $14. 

We may go thrifting again in Orlando today since it is raining. How dare it rain during our vacation !?! (Just kidding) 

We really aren't amusement park people (The hubby gets sick going in a circle and I hate roller coasters) but we did find a fun theme park which is smaller has has things like rock walls, ropes courses and zip lines. We may go tonight or tomorrow if the rain stops.

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  1. Been loving the pictures of your trip.
    Feeling better that you buy flawed stuff at the thrift stores too.
    I always think I did great and then realize things are in bad shape- lol.
    Have a safe trip!


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