Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - 9/16

Pennsylvania has been beautiful recently. I have very much enjoyed driving with the window's down and feeling the crisp air of autumn. I have been thrifting a LOT since coming home from Florida and thankfully I have had some good sales these past few days.

1. Eileen Fisher jacket, sold for $65- sold within 12 hours of listing.

2. L.L. Bean plaid skirt, sold for $15 - sold within 12 hours of listing.

3. Talbots Gray skirt, sold for $27 - sold within 2 days of listing.

4. Chico's purple jeans, sold for $25 - sold within 2 days of listing.

5. Calvin Klein linen dress, sold for $25 (yes, even with this awful photo). The purchaser of this dress also bought the next three pieces. I love when buyers purchase more than one item!

6. Talbots skirt, sold for $21.

7. Talbots skirt, sold for $13.

8. Talbots skirt, sold for $13.

9. Talbots skirt, sold for $13. (I see a pattern here!)

10. Talbots skirt & jacket suit, sold for $28.

11. Talbots blazer, sold for $30.

12. Ann Taylor skirt, sold for $21.

13. Hanna Andersson top. I have NO idea why I purchased this at the thrift. It is a plain t-shirt and I normally don't purchase plain, boring items. I got it for $2 and sold it quickly for $10. Not a huge profit but thankfully I made a few dollars and it sold within 12 hours of listing.

14. Chico's size "0" (their smallest size) top, sold for $15 - sold within 12 hours of listing.

15. Calvin Klein sweater dress, sold for $25.

16. Tahari by Arthur S. Levin skirt & jacket suit, sold for $23.

17. Vivienne Tam nylon skirt, sold for $23 - sold within MINUTES of listing! 

18. Ralph Lauren wool blend skirt, sold for $17. 

This week will be busy and I am not sure of how many times I will get to thrift shop. Monday (tomorrow) I am taking my elderly father-in-law to the doctor for blood work. After that I have to go to the dentist. If you haven't read my past posts, I HATE, HATE, HATE the dentist. Thankfully I have a dentist that gives me prescription "calming" pills. I take two and will be OUT for the rest of the day. 

Tuesday I go back to the knee doctor. 10 months ago while walking with my mom & sister my knee made a popping sound. 5 months ago I had knee surgery. I thought it was fine and even went walking 3-5 miles a day for a couple of weeks in Florida. I felt great...until I didn't. I had shooting pains through my knee and I literally could not walk. I have tried to walk once since then and made it only a few minutes into our walk. I am taking a lot of Advil and would like to stop. 

Hopefully I can shop on Wednesday!

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  1. Praying for your knee and your visit to the dentist and of course, your fil!
    Love you!


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