Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrift-cation & Recent Ebay Sales 9/23

I am bored with the thrift stores in my area. I have been selling on ebay for years (atleast 8 years now!) and I have been shopping at the same 10-12 thrift stores for a long time. I go shopping 3 times a week and I hit all the thrifts weekly. A lot of times I visit a thrift and only pick up a few items. I live in a rural area and the same items hang there week after week.

I am thinking of taking a thrift-cation. A trip where I could thrift along the way. I am thinking of going to Harrisburg, PA. I love the Harrisburg area. My husband & I worked there years ago. There is a ton of thrifting there. Plus, I can write off the entire trip! 

Here is what I have been selling lately: 

1. We finally got cable TV - after 10 years of living in our home. And so I sold our RCA antennae boxes. We got these FOR FREE. I sold 3 boxes at $11 each. 

2. Ann Taylor LOFT skirt, sold for $15. 

3. CAbi skirt, sold for $20. 

4. April Cornell sweatercoat, sold for $26. 

5. Chico's leather coat, sold for $50. I purchased this at the local consignment shop for $12. 

6. Talbots skirt & jacket suit, sold for $40. 

7. Coldwater Creek dress, sold for $25. 

8. H&M skirt, sold for $25. 

9. Orange ballet flats, sold for $16. These were my personal shoes. I wore them once and got blisters. Although they are adorable, they are not worth the pain. 

10. J. Crew skirt, sold for $14. 

11. Sweet Pea top, sold for $15. 

12. Moulinette Soeurs (by Anthropologie) dress, sold for $50.

13. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I loved this silly skirt. Bob Mackie cat print skirt, sold for $35 & shipped to Canada. Sold for $35. 

14. Coldwater Creek jeans, sold for $13.50. These were my personal jeans. I am glad they sold - I didn't want to take them to the consignment shop and get only a few dollars for them. 

I am doing very well on my second listing ID and I have a store sale on my store ID so hopefully I can sell a few things before going to Harrisburg.  

I did pretty well at the dentist this past week - except for the part where I spoke to my mom afterward and I couldn't really remember any of the conversation due to the "calming pills" (sorry Mom!). 

My father-in-law fell again this past week. I believe this makes 8 times this year. He is okay and just cut his hand on a saw (which thankfully was not running at the time). 

We are coming into AUTUMN (my favorite, favorite, favorite season!) and the leaves are starting to change colors. The weather is cooler and I unpacked my autumn-y things yesterday. I am loving this weather! 

I am also working on Christmas shopping and have about half of the presents bought (thank goodness for the internet!). I have my Christmas wrap purchased and the theme is... okay I am not going to tell you the theme since my family might be reading this. But it is fun.

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  1. Can we have a hint on the Christmas wrap theme?
    Love the first two skirts! espec the Loft one.
    So glad your F.I.L is okay : )


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