Monday, September 24, 2012


Well, I have to admit something. Since getting cable last week, I have watched nothing but QVC. I have no idea why I love it so much. It is like watching really convincing infomercials all day long. And I love watching infomercials. 

These people have literally convinced me that I need everything they are selling. Yesterday I watched QVC showcase a lighted Christmas tree. It was several hundred dollars and I wanted it. I have a gorgeous fiber optic silver Christmas tree that I love. But for some reason I wanted this. 

The same has happened with toys, hair products, cooking products, food, clothing and just about everything they have on air.

Today I broke down and actually ordered something. Ha! It was a six piece make up kit by Laura Geller. I use Bare Minerals and these looked very similar and were less money. They were calling it "a total face make over". This product is going to make my eye lids look smoother and give my face the luminosity that it was lacking. Am I selling you? Don't you want your face to be glowing? They said I will look like a beautiful, sophisticated woman. They presenters must go to some kind of adjective school.

While on the phone with the QVC representative, they asked if I would like to be on-air and speak with the presenter. And then I heard Cheryl from Missouri and she was so excited about this product. She is a self-proclaimed "Geller Girl" and she said it works wonders. She said she could talk all day about the product. She said it has changed her life.

I may call back and tell my story next time it is on the air. So if you watching QVC and there is a sophisticated and glowing Mellissa from Pennsyvlania talking to the presenter, it may be me.

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