Thursday, September 27, 2012

My "thrift-cation"

I had planned on going on a "thrift-cation" this week and yesterday was the day! 

I planned out my trip. I would drive 3 hours east to Harrisbug, PA and thrift on the way. I would then stay the night, thrift the next morning at a few more stores and then come home. 

Well, my plan got changed a bit but I was able to go to 8 thrifts in one day! I got to Harrisburg yesterday around noon. Yup, way ahead of schedule. I was able to cancel my hotel and got to sleep in my own bed last night. I was gone for 11 hours and got a ton of stuff! 

The foliage here in PA is just starting to "pop". I took a few photos as I drove along: 

I love visiting Harrisburg. My husband & I use to work in the area and the capital building is so pretty. One of the thrift stores took me past the building and it made me smile. 

Here is what my haul looked like when I laid it out on the living room floor: 

I got about 75 items! My favorites were a cashmere Boden sweater, a Marc Jacobs corduroy jacket, a Vera Bradley purse (which I may keep!) and a few completely ugly Christmas sweaters. I spent $300 (plus gas) for the 75 pieces which averages out to about $4 a piece. 

I liked shopping this way - driving between thrifts allowed my knee a chance to rest (more about this later).

I liked it so much...I am doing it again today! Except I plan on going north instead of east. On my list are another 7 thrift stores and possibly some more Christmas shopping. 

And now...the knee saga update...

My knee doctor called while I was thrifting yesterday. My new MRI results are back and I have torn my meniscus. For those that do not know my silly knee story, I had a knee operation at the end of June of this year to correct something about the plica band and some scar tissue. In June we went to Ireland for three weeks. I was walking but with a bit of pain due to the healing. 

Then we went to Florida for a month in August & September and I walked about 65 miles in the first 20 days. I was doing really well. And then something happened and I could barely walk (which I now know was the meniscus tear). I am now taking Advil around the clock. Yes, I know my stomach lining is probably done to zilch due the Advil but atleast I can walk.

I will need another surgery to correct the tear and the inflammation. The hubby & I are off to Old Alexandria, VA in 10 days (we will be there for 5 days) and so the surgery is schedule for October 18. 

Pray that the second surgery takes care of the problem? Thanks :) 

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  1. Wow Mellissa, Your knee problem sounds like mine. It started when we were in Florida all I was doing was walking around with my family and out of no where this SHARP pain came on. I couldn't walk down steps or really walk without limping. Then when we got back I went to a New York City knee doctor and he told me I have chondromalacia patella. All I had to do for it was take Advil- so the lining of my stomach is most likely zilch as well.
    Anyway changing subjects- I think it is awesome that you can go thrift shopping and get such great things to sell them on e-bay. Sounds like you have it made!


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