Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 1/31/13

I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Monday and had a wonderful day. I love birthdays and I love getting older (so far!). 

My hubby brought home a pizza for supper. Yum! I hadn't had milk in weeks since I found out I am sensitive to it. It was wonderful but my stomach paid for it later that night. 

Yesterday I had a few bites of mac-n-cheese from Cracker Barrel and then I broke out in a rash. I now have the rash on my back, legs and arms. So, no more milk for me! :( 

I have a huge pile of inventory I need to get listed. And with the snow storm in progress, it is a perfect time to stay home and list. We have 50 mph winds right now and a few inches of snow on the ground with 3-6 inches more on the way. Hope the power stays on so I can get some stuff listed!

Here is what has sold within the last few days: 

1. Anthropologie brand 'Moulinette Soeurs' dress, sold for $37. 

2. Le Suit navy blue & white dot skirt in a plus size. Sold for $15 within a week of listing. I only mention this sale since I got this item for 20 cents. I would normally pass right by this since skirt since it wasn't a great brand name. Even if I would have paid 'full price' ($3), I still would have made a profit. 

3. Jones New York skirt & jacket suit, sold for $42. 

4. Coldwater Creek floral print dress, sold for $20. 

5. Tommy Hilfiger denim skirt, sold for $15. Another 20 cent purchase. 

6. Ann Taylor floral skirt, sold for $20. 

7. Flax oversized jacket, sold for $26. 

8. Cache purple dress, sold for $27. 

9. Ann Taylor LOFT floral dress, sold for $20. 

10. Chico's black dress, sold for $20 within minutes of listing. 

11. Ann Taylor deep navy skirt, sold for $20. 

12. Anthropologie's Elevenses brand skirt, sold for $35. 

13. Anthropologie's Tiny brand skirt, sold for $27.     

14. Coldwater Creek reversible skirt, sold for $21. 

15. J. Crew striped skirt, sold for $20. 

16. Ralph Lauren black dress, sold for $20. 

17. QVC's Dialogue brand leather skirt, sold for $20. 

18. Tommy Hilfiger long denim skirt, sold for $25. 

19. Ann Taylor LOFT dress, sold for $22. 

20. 'Jennifer Lopez' brand mini dress, sold for $20. 

21. J. Jill soft blue & ivory skirt, sold for $36. 

22. Coldwater Creek denim tiered skirt, sold for $19. 

23. Ann Taylor pink floral dress, sold for $21. 

24. L.L. Bean velour skirt, sold for $17.          

25. Sebastian conditioner. I bought 6 of these for $1 a piece at Big Lots. I actually purchased them for me but then I got home and looked them up on ebay. I listed them on ebay and the first one just sold - for $35!


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