Friday, January 4, 2013

20 thrift stores in 2 days - my favorite finds!

For the last two days, I have been SHOPPING! Selling on ebay full-time is a lot of work. Ha! 

I drove about 15 hours and hit 20 thrift stores. I also went to Home Depot, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and two Targets. I am wiped. 

I got about 50-60 items to re-sell on ebay. My favorite item to re-sell is going to be this tiny doll: 

I fell in love with her immediately. I knew nothing about her and put her in my cart anyway. Maybe it was due to her awesome outfit or her missing hand (how sad!). She was marked $2.99. I got up the register and put her up first. I said "I am in love with this silly doll so I will pay for her first". The cashier told me that $2.99 for a tiny little doll was ridiculous and she was charging me 50 cents. 

I got home and looked up my favorite little doll. Her name is Dinah Mite (I now want my name to be Dinah Mite by the way). And she has sold on ebay for over $50! I am not sure what mine will bring since she is missing that hand but she was a fun find. 

My second favorite find came at Home Depot earlier today. I went in for a washing machine tray. I got the tray and looked at the clearance racks. I found a huge thing of Windex for around $15. Now we buy a lot of generic products at my house but window cleaner is not one of them. 

I paid for the items. On the way out, I looked at my receipt. The Windex was only $2.98. Wow! I almost went back and purchased all of them.


My third favorite item was found at Target. We recently re-did our laundry room (more about this coming soon) and I needed a new valance. I have looked & looked and haven't seen anything I liked. I accidentally went down the shower curtain aisle and found something that will look great! With my basic sewing skills, I plan on cutting it down and creating a pocket for the curtain rod. 

And here is a sneak peek of the new laundry room (the lamp is still wrapped and there is no curtain). 

Here is what it looked like before the re-do: 

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  1. Wow, Wow,Wow, triple wow!
    The laundry room is a dream,,,beautiful!
    I laughed out loud over you wanting to be named Dinah Mite!


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