Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales: 1/12

This past week I drove to Baltimore, MD to thrift. Their thrifts are nothing like ours - they wanted $20 for a used Ann Taylor LOFT dress. Ha! I went to about 16 thrifts and only found about 7 or 8 items.

I am trying to branch out a bit and find new stores. I have been north, south, east and will head west this next week - to Ohio! 

Here is what has sold over the last few days. 

1. Spencer Alexis denim dress, sold for $35. 

2. Exclusively Misook black dress, sold for $20. This would have went for a lot more had the size not been an XS. 

3. Gretchen Scott tunic, sold for $27. I had never head of this name and used my phone to search ebay. It turns out this is a fairly decent name to sell on ebay. 

4. Anthropologie "Moth" brand sweater, sold for $21. 

5. Ann Taylor printed dress, sold for $20. This was one of the pieces that I found at the Baltimore thrift. It sold within a day of listed. 

6. Spencer Alexis blue skirt & top set, sold for $55.   

7. CAbi printed top, sold for $21. 

8. Vera Bradley 'new hope' tote, sold for $30

9. MBT rocker shoes, sold for $38. 

10. Eileen Fisher sweater, sold for $20. 

11. Isabel de Pedro top with an awesome saying on the front: "When I'm Good, I'm Very Good. But When I'm Bad, I'm Better", sold for $54. 

12. Anthropologie "Maeve" brand, sold for $25. Sold within hours of listing. 
13. Athleta purple dress, sold for $20. 

14. Clarks gold-tone shoes, sold for $21. 

15. Hajaba muslim dress, sold for $30. 

16. Zuza Bart sweater, sold for $144 (!!!). I found this sweater on a trip to Lancaster and I looked it up on my phone. It sold within a week of listing. 

17. Betsey Johnson vintage cat print tank, sold for $42. 

18. Misook black long skirt, sold for $30.

19. Talbots black paisley print skirt, sold for $20. 

20. Brown Bag cookie mold, sold for $16. 

21. Marni top & skirt set, sold for $23. Marni is a high end brand but for some reason doesn't have a huge following on ebay. 

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  1. Good to know about the cookie mold and I can't believe that sweater went for so much! so cool. But, how did you not keep it for yourself? It is beautiful.


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