Sunday, January 6, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 1/6/13

I have been busy listing the items I purchased at thrifts this week. This coming week I have to pay my last quarter taxes (ugh!) so that means I will be busy counting receipts and trying to figure out exactly what I made this last quarter. 

Here are some of my recent sales:

1. Vikki Vi slinky duster jacket, sold for $25 within hours of listing. 

2. Gap chambray denim long dress, sold for $25. 

3. Talbots striped a-line skirt, sold for $20 without hours of listing. 

4. Anthropologie "Maeve" dress, sold for $29. 

5. Ralph Lauren silk skirt, sold for $25. 

6. Strasburg (girl's brand) dress, sold for $20 within a day of listing. 

7. Max Studio tiered strapless dress, sold for $25. 

8. Johnny Was silk long skirt, sold for $27. This skirt had a flaw and so I priced it low. It sold within a day of listing. If it was in better condition, I would have sold this for closer to $50-$70. 

9. CWC blue & tan skirt, sold for $23.

10. Talbots silk skirt, sold for $20.

11. A vintage L.L. Bean corduroy skirt, sold for $19. 

12. Chico's leather Asian inspired jacket, sold for $25. I listed this for $50 with a best offer. I received the offer within minutes of listing and decided to take it. I paid just $2 for the jacket so I am thrilled to have it sell so quickly. 

13. Eileen Fisher long dress, sold for $30. 

14. Gap long denim skirt in a size 14. Long denim skirts in larger sizes do well for me. This one sold for $22. 

15. Lululemon "be still" pants in a smaller size. Sold for $20. 

16. Garnet Hill brown skirt, sold for $22.

17. BCBG chevron shoulder print dress, sold for $21. 

18. Tahari by Arthur S. Levine ivory dress, sold for $29. 

19. Vintage "sailor" dress, sold for $30. 

20. Chico's Travelers floral print dress, sold for $20. 

21. New Gilar beaded dress, sold for $22. 

22. Talbots modest purple dress, sold for $20. 

23. Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress, sold for $75. 

24. Miraclesuit dark pink swimsuit, sold for $38. 

25. Downeast Basics striped skirt. I purchased this for just 20 cents at the thrift. One of my thrift stores has a colored barb each week for 39 cents. I get 50% off of $100 I spend - for example, if I spend $99.99, I don't get 50% off. But, if I spend $100 or more, I get 50% off. So I make sure to spend at least $100 each time I go. That $100 gets marked down to $50. They have one color for 39 cents, 2 colors for 1/2 off and 2 colors regular prices. I have found a lot of so-so items that I get for 20 cents. I was thrilled that this skirt went for $20 and sold within a month of listing. I paid 20 cents and ebay/paypal takes about 20%. So, my profit would be about $18. 

Today is Sunday and the hubby & I are playing hooky from church. We rarely do this (only about 1 time a year!) since we are both very involved in church. I teach the children's church once a month and bring a snack to church once a month (usually on different Sundays). My husband leads worship atleast a couple times a month. So for both of us to have no church responsibilities is pretty amazing. We took advantage of it today and slept in. We are then going to have a fun day together. We have walking outside (in the snow!) on the 'schedule' and watching Netflix.

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