Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Guess who stayed up to midnight? Me! I am usually in bed by 9:30-10:00 so this was a rare occurrence. My hubby & I watched a documentary on Netflix until 11:30pm and then watched the ball drop. I was in bed by 12:05am.

I normally don't make resolutions. Mostly because I know I am not going to keep them. I have virtually no will power.  

This year I am going to make a resolution and blog about it along the way. I resolve to eat one new vegetable or fruit every week. 

I have always hated vegetables - even as a child. My mom made me take a bite of a cucumber once and I cried. She even snapped a photo. Fruit is a bit easier but I stick with the basics: oranges, apples, grapes, berries and bananas. 

SO, when I went shopping this week, I picked up an eggplant. I have never tried one before. I had no idea of what to look for in a 'good' eggplant so I got the prettiest one there. It reminded me of a Veggie Tale character. 


I googled eggplant and found out that it is actually a fruit; it is in the berry family.  It made me excited to try it. I love berries!

I was surprised at the fact that eggplant isn't hollow. For some reason, I had thought it was. It has an odd spongy feel to it. 

I decided to try it raw and grilled with oil & salt. Well, raw eggplant tastes like cucumber. And we now all know how I feel about that. Yuck! 

And so I grilled it up with salt and olive oil. I was trying to give it a good solid chance. 

It looks good, right? I tried it and have come to the conclusion...


Next week I will be trying radishes.

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  1. Love your kitchen floor and cracking up with your eggplant problem! I love eggplant. Happy New Years!
    Love you.


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