Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolution: Week 2

My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to eat a new fruit or vegetable every week for the year. 

Last week was eggplant. I will never eat eggplant again. 

This week was radish. I have never had a radish. Not even when my bagged lettuce sneaks them into my salad. 

I always pick them out. (I also pick out the cabbage which I have never tried). 

So...I got a little bag of the cutest radishes I could find. They must be good if they are cute, right? 

Look how little he is on my salad plate.

I sliced one up after my mom said to try a small piece. She said they taste spicy and knows I hate spicy foods. 

I really, really wanted to like radish. They are super cheap (less than $1 a bag!) and that way I could stop picking them out of my bagged lettuce. 

But, I didn't like them. Not even a little bit. They taste like pepper. Pepper on a really gross vegetable. I tried two bites (isn't everyone proud of me?) and spit out the second.

So, week 2 is done. My hope is that after trying 52 different vegetables or fruits, I will like one or two. Eggplant and radish are NOT on the "like" list. 

Next week? I am trying STAR FRUIT.


  1. Not even eggplant parm? I am not a big eggplant fan but I like eggplant parm.
    I think you will like the starfruit :)

  2. Thanks Theresa! A few other people have told me that eggplant parm is excellent. But...I am really sensitive to milk so cheese is out for now. And I'm not sure I want to try it without the cheese. Ha!

  3. Mellissa - I just started reading your awesome blog - thanks for all the tips on selling online! I'm going to try and read it from beginning to end but backwards. This is a little late, but as for the eggplant, don't give up on it! My mom use to roast it, peel it and then soak it in scrambled egg and saute it and serve it to us for breakfast on the weekends. Still one of my faves. It can be bitter so you do have to season it. Hope you give it another try.

  4. Thanks Ree Cee! Thank you for the tip to eggplant. I cannot say I will give it another try but maybe if I'm invited to some kind of eggplant convention, I may. :)


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