Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adorable Baby Costumes - Part 2

Last year I did a post on adorable baby costumes. For some reason it was quite popular and so I thought I would do yet another.

Baby Owl:

Doctor Onesie:

A pile of spaghetti! This would be super easy to make. 

Mermaid. I'm not sure I would ever dress a baby in a two piece but this is adorable!


Angel - this would also be fairly easy to make. Grab a white dress, bend coat hangers into wings and stretch white tights over the hanger form. Bend another wire into a "halo" and attach it to the back of the costume. 

Lady Bug - also easy to make. Go to any craft store and buy a lot of red tulle. Tie it around a piece of elastic (for the waist). Then cut out black felt spots to glue to the tulle skirt. Add a black top and black pipe cleaners to a head band. 

Taco/Burrito (I'm not sure why the first is wearing a mustache but it is so stinkin' adorable!)

Flapper aerobic instructor?

My mom loved this movie! This baby is dressing up like Wilson the volleyball from the movie Castaway. 


  1. That baby in the taco costume sure looks like he's enjoying the comfort since he's already asleep in that costume!

  2. The flapper is my favorite! I love the feathers!


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