Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Father-In-Law

We are staying with my father-in-law tonight (Sunday) since we have a couple from the Netherlands staying at our home this week. We used their second home in FL for three weeks last month and were glad to leave their house for them. 

My father-in-law uses a walker, has trouble getting out of almost any chair and yet he is still building in his shop! Today he was working on a cupola. A cupola is the little building that goes on top of most barns and a weather vane sits on top of it. They are quite popular here in the country.

My husband was helping him in between singing with the band and having a church rehearsal. I hardly have a camera on me when we are here and have almost no recent photos of my father-in-law. I was so glad to have a camera on me and capture these shots.

See the walker on the bottom left corner? My father-in-law calls it his "truck".

Isn't my father-in-law adorable?

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