Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Club Wyndham at National Harbor

For the next few days my hubby & I are staying at a gorgeous resort. It is the Wyndham Vacation Resort at National Harbor. We have home exchangers at our house (we used their second home in FL last month) and so we had to be out of our home for this week. 

We were going to crash with my father-in-law but we had a generous offer from a friend. He and my hubby are starting up a contemporary church service at a Methodist church not far from us. The friend offered to allow us to use any of the Wyndham resorts since he had a ton of extra points. 

And so we are at the National Harbor. It is on the border of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. The resort is beautiful! We have a two bedroom, two bathroom "room" with a balcony and full kitchen. Here are a few photos: 

Living Room
The "guest" bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Another view of the master bathroom
The hotel is located within a 3 minute walk to the water front and has a fitness room (for the hubby - no extra exercising for my knee) plus an indoor pool and hot tub. 

The view out our windows is pretty too! Unfortunately National Harbor has almost no autumn foliage yet. I just assumed that they would be in peak season since back in PA we were. Here is a shot of the PA fall foliage: 

And here is what the view looks like from our hotel: 

Ha! Mostly green here at National Harbor.

Today we have plans on going to a time share shpeal (we got sucked in...they are offering is two nights at any Wyndham plus $100), then driving around, looking over the area and possibly doing a bit of thrifting. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees and despite my aching knee - we are going to walk. Even if I have to take lots of Advil. My meniscus surgery is scheduled for next week. I figure that I can do more damage to my knee this week and they will just fix it next week.

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