Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - 10/30

My heart goes out to all of those dealing with Hurricane Sandy. My family is without power on Long Island. Thankfully here in West-Central PA, we have power and (so far!) no snow. Just about 20 minutes from us received snow and we didn't want to have to deal with that so soon in the season. 

My ebay sales have soared over the last few days so I am just going to post a few things that did fairly well. 

1. St. John Collection navy jacket, sold for $140. I am always on the look out for St. John pieces.

2. Barnes & Nobles Nook, sold for $108. We actually purchased this a few months ago for my husband. He recently upgraded his cell phone to an awesome smart phone and didn't need this any more. 

3. St. John navy pants, sold for $56. They perfectly matched the jacket above but I listed them separately. St. John almost always does better when you list the pieces separately.

4. Express gray pants & jacket suit, sold for $52. 

5. Tahari by Arthur S. Levine red skirt & jacket suit, sold for $50.  I loved this suit!

6. New Coldwater Creek dark pink jacket, sold for $50. 

7. Dale of Norway wool sweater, sold for $40. 

8. Chico's Travelers tank, sold for $41. I originally listed this piece with a buy it now of $27. I realized I had a TON of watchers within the first hour and pulled the buy it now price. I am not sure why this went so high. It could be the size ("3" - the largest size) or the animal print. 

9. J. Crew bubble skirt, sold for $40. 

10. New J. Jill floral jacket, sold for $35.

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