Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

I was on bed rest Friday & Saturday and then moved to the couch yesterday. My knee is doing fairly well and I am hobbling around house. My poor hubby was called Saturday morning by my father-in-law. He said "I have spilled a gallon of paint, could you come over?". After getting changed into his 'paint clothes', he went over. Turns out my F-I-L not only spilled paint but fell as well. The hubby took him to the ER and was up there all day Saturday. The F-I-L checked out okay and is now home. His eye is completely swollen shut, he has a knot on his head and has some gorgeous bruising happening.

I have had some decent sales recently as well as some sales that reflect my "I want to get rid of stuff" attitude. Here is some stuff that sold: 

1. Ann Taylor LOFT black skirt, sold for $19.

2. Ralph Lauren silk floral skirt, sold for $22. 

3. Edme & Esyllte from Anthropologie skirt, sold for $19.

4. J. Jill denim applique skirt, sold for $20. 

5. Chico's geisha print top, sold for $50. 

6. Talbots wrap skirt, sold for $20. 

7. Koi scrub top, sold for $15 (within minutes of listing!) 

8. Talbots purple velvet jacket, sold for $25 (within minutes of listing!)

9. Calvin Klein pants suit, sold for $42. 

10. Shamask top, sold for $22. This top had a Bergdorf Goodman label in it. I had never heard of Shamask. 

11. Michael Simon angora lounge pants, sold for $23. 

12. Belkin dual band wireless range extender, sold for $42. 

13. My hubby's old cell phone - Sprint LG Rumor Touch, sold for $60. 

14. White House Black Market dress, sold for $18. 

15. Talbots teal corduroy jacket, sold for $18. 

16. Dressbarn cocktail dress, sold for $18. 

17. Jones New York cocktail dress, sold for $25. 

18. A cashmere sleeveless turtleneck, sold for $20. The label was from "Mariele Waithe" which I had never heard of. My phone wasn't working so I couldn't look up the label. But it was cashmere so I took a chance.

19. Laundry by Shelli Segal skirt, sold for $20. This brand has almost no following on ebay. It helped that the tag says the retail price was $175. 

20. Coldwater Creek skirt, sold for 27. 

21. Talbots red cardigan sweater, sold for $15. 

22. Lilly Pulitzer cableknit sweater, sold for $20. 

23. Calvin Klein dress, sold for $25. 

24. Quacker Factory ugly Christmas sweater, sold for $25. 

25. J. Crew wool/cashmere skirt, sold for $28.

I also sold about 15 other items that were discounted between $10-$12. I use the "markdown manager" that ebay offers their store owners. I use it to mark down items around 30-35%. It helps me get rid of some stuff and I still make money.

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  1. Am I getting old that I really like that geisha chicos cardigan thing?
    How funny too- because I just put a geisha jacket up on ebay.
    I really like that red dress too.
    Glad you are up and around the house.
    Praying for your FIL


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