Friday, October 19, 2012

Successful Surgery

Yesterday I had surgery to fix a torn meniscus in my left knee. This was the second surgery on this knee this year. My first surgery fixed a Plica band and removed some scar tissue. 

Several months after the first surgery I was walking/jogging in Florida and something happened. I could barely walk. I am assuming this is when I tore the meniscus. 

An MRI confirmed that I tore it and my surgery was yesterday. The doctor said the tear was worse than expected and my meniscus was torn 75%.

I am on bed rest for the next two days and then will use crutches for awhile. 

I have to say that so far this surgery has been easier for me than the last surgery. I am not sure why since this was a larger surgery. But I feel pretty good (that may be the pain meds talking!). I have been up this morning to do basic stuff and am now typing from bed. 

My favorite part of yesterday ... While I was signing in at registration, a nurse stopped me and asked if I was old enough to sign by myself! Ha. That would mean she thought I was under 18. I am 32 years old. Now I realize I look younger without make-up but I don't think I look THAT young. Anyway...she made my day. 

I cannot take a shower for another 3 days and so I get to look at my doctor's signature in purple marker until then. 

A huge thank you for all the thoughts & prayers!


  1. Glad it went well. Hope you are fully recovered real soon :)

  2. cute little you!
    and poor little knee!
    Feel better


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