Friday, October 12, 2012

Old Town Alexandria & National Harbor Photos

Well, our trip to National Harbor is coming to an end today. We had a wonderful time which I was a bit surprising to me. I am a beach person and there was no beach here. But it turns out that I love Washington DC. For someone that hated learning about history, it is surprising. 

Yesterday we drove to Alexandria, Virginia. It was just a few minutes from our hotel in National Harbor. We were able to go to my favorite ice cream place, The Creamery. I had orange chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. It was extraordinarily great.

We then walked through the Torpedo Factory.
And around the waterfront. It was gorgeous here - about 55 degrees and sunny.

We then took the free trolley up King Street and went to Christ Church which was built in the early 1800's. 

My hubby, pretending to preach.
 We also stopped in Anthropologie - a store that I love. And then we walked back to our car on cobblestone and brick streets. 

After resting a bit, we got pizza and then headed back out for our last "night on the town". We walked around National Harbor again. We stopped at Cake Love where my hubby ate some really expensive cupcakes (which were not good in our opinion - dry and tasteless). 

 And then we took a few photos as the sun set along the harbor. 

We found a sculpture that looks like a man crawling up from the sand. We were told someone spent over $3 million dollars to bring it from its original spot in Washington DC. Seriously...$3 million? Crazy. 

Before we headed back to our hotel for the night, the hubby stopped for MORE ice cream. I was still full from pizza. 

We had a wonderful time but will be thankful to get back home later today.

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  1. Love, love, love that statue...very cool.
    I still want to make the cupcakes with a Lindt truffle baked in the middle so its lava-ey.


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