Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 4/30/14

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. I went to the doctor's yesterday and my spinal stimulator trial is set for June 10. The trial is a small procedure done in the hospital. We are hoping this will help with my RSD knee pain.

We have started to look at personal care homes (sometimes called assisted living homes or nursing homes) for my father-in-law. He isn't at that point just yet but it is getting close. 

Here are some of this week's sales: 

1. Peruvian Connection sz XS knit sweater with a small flaw, sold for $35. 

2. Athleta slub knit top, sold for $27 to a buyer in Canada. 

3. J. Crew tweed mini skirt, sold for $20. 

4. Levi's blue men's pants, sold for $20. 

5. My last pair of colored men's Levis, sold for $20. I purchased a ton of these for 70 cents to $3 at TJ Maxx last month. Almost all of them went overseas.

6. Vera Bradley on the go in Mocha Rouge, sold for $40. (Thanks Mom!)

7. Vera Bradley for Uniqlo t-shirt, sold for $35. I purchased these for myself on the Uniqlo website for $20. I received them and they were too big. Resold for a few dollars profit instead of returning them which would have cost me shipping. 

8. Talbots pencil skirt, sold for $20. 

9. Ralph Lauren lot of 18 metal crest buttons, sold for $28. 

10. Aventura casual dress, sold for $20. 

11. J. Crew black tweed dress, sold for $20. 

12. Carole Little rayon skirt, sold for $20. 

13. New Larry Levine pants & jacket suit, sold for $38. 

14. Talbots butterfly silk skirt, sold for $25. 

15. Light blue plus-sized romper, sold for $20. Purchased for $2 at a local thrift. This thrift opened just 7 minutes from my home last week. It is super clean, cheap and organized but the brand names aren't the best.

16. Ralph Lauren yellow men's top, sold for $21.50. Purchased for $1 at the same local thrift. 

17. Population ivory knit long sweater, sold for $20. 

18. Brown Merrell used shoes, sold for $25. 

My average sale is still around $20-$21. I pay an average of $3 for my inventory. Thankfully there is no clothing tax here in PA. After ebay & paypal fees, gas and other deductions, I make about $13 per piece. Right now I am down to under 200 items in my ebay store. Yikes!


  1. Are the prices at your TJ Maxx usually that low for the clearance items? The one store near me is kind of pricey.

  2. Nope. My TJ Maxx had the yellow sticker clearance which is their final clearance. I see low prices maybe once or twice a year. I just happened to stumble upon the sale - it isn't something I wait for - and so I never really know when it comes. Thanks!

  3. I have the matching hipster and diaper bag for the Vera Bradley top! Love that pattern :) Thank you for faithfully posting your ebay sales with pictures. I just found your blog a few days ago and I have read almost all of your posts. I am praying for your father in law and his situation and for your knee. I am trying to get into Ebay consistently part time and you are inspiring me! So thank you for sharing with all of us :) -Tammy

  4. Thanks for the compliment Tammy. I love the Vera print and love the hipster style. My favorite style is "on the go" and I had over 20 at one point in that exact style. Yikes! I'm now down to two though. I keep selling them off. Ha.


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