Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Monday

Last week we had some bad storms which blew off some of our shingles. The hubby is pretty awesome at fixing stuff and he was up there fixing the roof the next day. We will eventually need a new roof but we keep putting it off. A new roof is expensive! 

This man is so much fun! He makes me laugh every day. 

We have been doing a lot of work researching nursing homes in the area for my father-in-law, Dean. He is 88 years old, has Parkinson's, dementia and a few other health problems. We are getting to the point where we really need to have something in place. 

Last night at 11pm (!!!), Dean called my husband's cell phone. Dean wanted to let my hubby know that the Penny Saver that he picked up last Wednesday was missing a section. 

Dean then wanted to know if my hubby could go back to the store to see if the store would give him a replacement. Mind you, it is Sunday night at 11pm. Ummm...not happening. A new issue comes out on Wednesday. 

We have dozens & dozens of "funny" stories. The other day we were up there for hours listening to an idea Dean had and trying to calm him down. He wanted to see if the neighbor would give him one of their buildings so he could tear it down and sell it. The man literally takes 30 minutes to put on a sock with a grabber and he wants to tear down a building with a tractor? Again...not happening.


One more story for your enjoyment. I was sitting with Dean while the hubby was mowing the lawn last week. Dean was telling me that he wants to plant grass seed over the mud in the back. Why? So the ladies wearing high heels wouldn't need to step in the mud. (There are absolutely no ladies in high heels coming to his house let alone walking outside around garage.)

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Funny Stories! Dean sounds like a hoot! Hope your knee is feeling better.


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