Saturday, April 12, 2014

My thrift finds (that I am keeping!)

Yesterday I went thrifting. I am still having trouble with my knee and it was my first real outing. 

I found a bunch of stuff for ebay. And a few things for me! About 95% of my closet is thrifted. I regularly go through and sell my personal items when I find more. 

Here are four items I am keeping from yesterday's Goodwill trip:

1. This adorable skirt which has no labels. I'm sure it was a cheaper brand but it fits me really well and I can wear it with a t-shirt & ballet shoes (my summer wardrobe). I paid $1.99.

2. Yet another skirt. This one is a full circle skirt and was handmade in a heavier barkcloth. I am going to twirl everywhere I go. It makes me so happy. $1.99.

3. Talbots red sweater for next winter. I plan on cleaning this and putting it away for next year. I love these open draping sweaters. $3.99.

4. A yellow purse from a cheap brand. It is a cross body and is the perfect bright shade. I only own ONE purse in black right now and I plan on switching to this one for the summer. I have a lot of coral & aqua in my summer wardrobe and love the look of yellow with those colors. $3.99. 

Gap watercolor stripe t-shirt: thrifted
Ann Taylor aqua capri pants: thrifted


  1. Great finds. Love the aqua with the pop of yellow.
    Sure hope you find a fix for your knee. Praying for you!


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