Monday, April 14, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 4/14/2014

I had a pretty good week on ebay. Here are some of my recent ebay sales: 

1. Anthropologie "Saturday Sunday" brand dress, sold for $35. 

2. Ralph Lauren (black label) linen suit, sold for $60. 

3. Joseph Ribkoff blue & white striped dress, sold for $40. 

4. BCBG silk floral dress, sold for $50. 

5. Men's Lululemon shorts, sold for $35. 

6. Jams World men's floral shorts, sold for $20. 

7. Flax linen skirt, sold for $29. 

8. Burberry's older label top, sold for $22.50. This was part of a lot I purchased back in September and took 8 months to sell. I'm glad to see it go.

9. Franccesca Bellini red cocktail dress, sold for $25 to a buyer in France. 

10. Tianello printed top, sold for $32. This label seems to have a good following on ebay.

11. BCBG silk blend mini dress, sold for $35. 

12. Brokedown viscose printed scarf, sold for $20. And this adorable elephant ring holder, sold for $9. I purchased the March "Must Have" PopSugar box for $35 last month. The scarf & ring holder came from this box. I also listed an adorable necklace from the box for $15. 

By listing these three items, the rest of the items were basically free! I got a face serum moisturizer, a small fitness ball and two snacks for free.

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