Thursday, April 3, 2014

RSD Treatment - Calmare - Day 8 & 9

Feel free to catch up HERE if you haven't been following my (boring) saga of the Calmere treatments.

The treatments are going well. 70-80% of people with RSD are helped with Calmere. It is hard to say if I will be in that percentage just yet. 

I feel great when I am all hooked up to the machine. The machine creates a wonderful buzzing through my leg which allows my brain to be distracted and not feel pain. I want to take this machine home and have it on my leg permanently. It is much better than a TENs machine. 

Calmare treatment machine

I feel great after the treatment but honestly it doesn't always last for very long. My overall pain is down from a level 9 to about a 5. I am taking less pain medicine. I am very thankful for both of these things. 

However, I am a bit hesitant to say that it works just yet. I still cannot function well with a level 5 pain. Some days I have felt real relief. Some days (like this morning - ouch!) have been rough. 

Although we have been in NJ for the last 12 days, we haven't done much. I am doing a lot of sitting in bed trying to rest. 

However, we did visit a supermarket yesterday for 'fun'. My hubby has been running in and picking up groceries along the way since our hotel thankfully has a microwave & mini fridge. Yesterday I went in and saw how HUGE the store is. We don't have stores like this by us. Look at the bakery!

And my pick was a chocolate cake doughnut with LOTS of sugar! 

I now realize why people take selfies in the bathroom mirror - the lighting is great! ;) This was at the doctor's yesterday. 

Sorry about the blurriness. My phone's camera is pretty awful. 

Other things we have done in NJ include eating pizza in the hotel, going to a thrift store and taking a 5-minute "walk" around Anthropologie. I wanted to buy something as a souvenir but wasn't willing to spend $20 for a small kitchen towel. Yikes. 

A gorgeous Italian calfskin tote I found for $5 at the thrift! It smells amazing.

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