Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 4/22/14

I haven't listed anything in quite some time and I am going to try to  fix that later today.

Here are a few of this week's sales: 

1. Ralph Lauren patch off a flawed jacket. It kills me to cut off the buttons & patch but they do better on their own if the item is flawed. The patch sold for $40. 

2. Calvin Klein ikat print dress, sold for $30. 

3. Puma emerald green ballet flats, purchased at TJ Maxx on clearance for $11 and sold for $30. Good thing these weren't my size or they would have been in my closet. Love them!

4. Moda International (Victoria's Secret catalog brand) smocked dress or skirt, sold for $20. 

5. Laura Ashley purple floral dress, sold for $45. A husband bought this dress to surprise his wife who gave up Ebay for Lent. How sweet!

6. Laura Ashley blue corduroy floral dress, sold for $40. 

7. Laura Ashley red corduroy floral dress, sold for $50. 

8. Yoana Baraschi turquoise skirt, sold for $37. Let's hope she pays. I'm a bit concerned about this one. 

9. Talbots brown linen skirt in a petite size, sold for $20. 

10. Too Faced eye shadow palette, sold for $30. I received this in my Popsugar Must Have box this month. I paid $35 for the box (I had a $5 off coupon) and so this paid for almost my entire box!

Also sold from the Popsugar box was the necklace for $15. So that means I basically got two tea towels (which are also for sale on ebay), a huge eco shopper tote (also listed on ebay since I use & love my Trader's Joes shoppers), a journal (also listed on ebay), fancy hand soap (it is going to be my secret sister's May gift) and a bag of trail mix for free. I love that! 

11. The brand "Be Bop" animal print plus sized top, sold for $25. 

12. Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals brush set, purchased from their website for $12 and sold for $20. The profits paid for a mascara & lip set for me. 

13. Ann Taylor LOFT black & tan wrap dress in a tiny size, sold for $20. 

14. Wen cleansing conditioner in pomegranate, sold for $25. 

15. Tracy Reese Plenty dress, sold for $35. This dress was originally sold at Anthropologie but not all Tracy Reese items were so make sure you check before listing. 


  1. Great Sales! The Laura Ashley always amaze me. I always keep my eyes out for those ~ so far I have not found one. Thanks for all the good info you share. I am learning a lot & trying to remember. I just love how you "style" your pictures. I am hoping to get a dress form soon. I think it will really help!

  2. Thank you for the many compliments Holly. I love my dress form. I bought it at Wal-Mart years and years ago. Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore.


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