Friday, August 2, 2013

Quick Knee Update

I went to a new doctor this morning. He replaced 3 knees for my father-in-law and came highly recommended. I may be in love with my new doctor. He is about 80 years old and is awesome. Well...except when he pressed on my knee and made my eyes tear up. Ha. 

I will need another MRI. This will be my fourth (yup...fourth!). We are waiting on my insurance company to give an authorization code and since it is Friday, my MRI will be scheduled for next week (probably Tuesday). 

The doctor told me that he doesn't know what is wrong and he is not sure he can fix it. Don't you love honesty? 

A photo taken just before my second surgery.

The hubby & I talked about it and we are cancelling our trip to the Netherlands/Germany, Paris. We were to leave in less than 2 weeks. There is just no way I can enjoy walking through the streets of Europe when I can't walk. 

Since we have the Netherlands family staying in our home for two weeks, we are talking about an alternative trip. We could stay with my father-in-law but we would have to have internet installed and there is only one bathroom. 

We are throwing around the idea of going back down to Florida. There isn't too much walking needed when you just sit on a beach all day, right? :) 

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