Monday, August 26, 2013

Ice Cream

Yesterday we went to get ice cream TWICE. Yup...we are on vacation. Anna Maria Island has some excellent ice cream shops. 

I have been doing an experiment. My stomach is sensitive to milk. I wanted to see if taking a Lactaid pill would allow me to eat ice cream.  

My ear, nose & throat doctor told me I had a sensitivity to milk casein (protein) and not the lactose. But this was years ago.

The first place we hit was on Armand Circle. Kilwin's has been making ice cream since the 1940's. I had previously been there and loved their sorbet.

I got a cup of 'fudge brownie' - their most chocolate-y chocolate. Yum! 

Then my hubby asked if I wanted to try a second ice cream shop. Ummmm....yes!

And so we went to the Holy Cow in Holmes Beach. I chose the 'salted caramel' and the hubby got chocolate. 

And it seems like the Lactaid pills did help my stomach a bit. I told my hubby that I may need to experiment some more to be sure. Ha.

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