Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 7/30/13

We flew home from Florida yesterday and we are SO glad to be back home.

I listed about 300 items a week ago and timed them so they ended yesterday. This may not have been my smartest idea since I had to package about 40 item last night. Ha.

Here are a few things that sold:

1. Vintage Coach leather purse. I learned that the ones made in the USA have quite the following. This one was sold for $40 and it had some flaws. I got in a 'stuff a bag for $10 sale'. Score!

2. Talbots winter suit, sold for $39.

3. Vintage Lady Schick rollers, sold for $35.Vintage rollers also have a following for some reason.

4. Boston Proper grecian design dress, sold for $35.

5. New BMW fleece jacket, sold for $35. I use to work at BMW and knew this would sell.

6. Nanette Lepore silk dress, sold for $35.

7. Private Edition by Chico's slinky overalls, sold for $30.

8. Another vintage Coach purse, sold for $29.

9. Crate & Barrel sheets. The print caught my eye immediately at the thrift. I looked at the label and saw it was their Marimekko design. They were a twin XL size and they brought $26.

10. Stainless Steel scale. I purchased this for us for $5 and used it for a year or two. We then got a new scale with your BMI and didn't need this one. It sold for $23. (By the way...I kind of wish I didn't know my BMI. Ha.)

11. J. Crew wool skirt, sold for $23.

12. Vintage Jessica McClintock black dress, sold for $23.

13. Bebe sheer butterfly print top, sold for $23.

14. Vintage Liberty of London printed scarf. Another bag sale find, sold for $23.

15. Ralph Lauren pillowcases. I looked through hundreds of listings on ebay and found the print. And although they had flaws, they sold for $21.50. Crazy! I'm sure knowing the print helped these sell.

16. It was amazing how many things fit in the bag at the thrift. They had a lot of books. I picked up a few to sell and a ton for me. These brought $5-$6 each. Not a ton but they more than paid for the entire bag. 

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