Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anna Maria Island Photos - including dolphin & a shark!

I know I am going on & on about how much I love Anna Maria Island in Florida. But it is soooo true! Here are some photos from yesterday's beach day: 

We saw atleast three dolphin yesterday!

Today was a bit more cloudy. We set up and then saw a shark! I have seen sting ray, dolphin, manatee and fish at 'our' beach but never a shark. 

I kept hoping to see one and I finally did! He (she?) was small - probably only 4 or 5' but it still was very neat! I tried to get photos but it was hard since I didn't want to venture too far into the water. Ha. 

See the tiny dorsal fin? That is the shark.

Dolphin have a curved dorsal fin. See the photo just below? Also, dolphin swim up & down, coming in and out of the water in curves or arcs.

On the other hand, shark have a fairly straight dorsal fin. And they swim straight. So if you see their dorsal fin, it is coming straight up & down out of the water.

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