Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 8/10/13

1. Oscar de la Renta satin house gown, sold for $35.

2. Schreibe Bogen Wir Bauen Eine Altstat model town. These were brand new and I had never heard of them. They were part of the 'fill a bag for 10 bucks' sale at a thrift about a month ago. They sold for $15.

3. New Talbots light green skirt, sold for $20.

4. Anthropologie's "Odille" brand skirt, sold for $20.

5. Talbots 'garden party' dress, sold for $19. The term 'garden party' is a keyword to use when listing.

6. Vera Bradley "on the go" style bag in Island Blooms. This was my personal bag. I paid around $25 for it and used it for two years. It sold for $28.

7. Another Vera "on the go" style bag in Baroque. This was another personal bag. I think I paid $30 for it and it sold for $23. I lost a few dollars but I used this bag for about 4 years.

8. And yet another Vera "on the go" bag in Deco Daisy. I purchased this one for $20, used it for a few years and sold it for $40.

9. Margaret O'Leary long skirt, sold for $20.

10. Ann Taylor LOFT brown a-line skirt, sold for $25.

11. Nike leopard men's shoes, sold for $44.

12. A. Giannetti cashmere sweater which was missing the belt, sold for $21.50.

13. Ann Taylor skirt suit, sold for $36.

14. Talbots wool skirt, sold for $24.

15. Talbots tan trench-style dress, sold for $21.

16. Jones Collection a-line skirt, sold for $21.

17. The J. Peterman jacket, sold for $27.

18. Chico's twinset, sold for $27.

19. Anthropologie's "Elevenses" brand jacket, sold for $21.50.

20. Diane Von Furstenberg skirt, sold for $31.50.

21. Esther Willams swimsuit. I wore this a few times and then sold it. Sold for $36.

22. Vera Bradley weekender, sold for $45.

23. Carlisle animal print dress, sold for $31.50.

24. New Evan Picone black dress, sold for $24 to RUSSIA!

25. NAOT sandals, sold for $30.

26. Remember how I dropped my cell phone last month and cracked the screen? I sold the broken phone for $50 within a day of listing.

27. Ann Taylor LOFT colorblock skirt, sold for $20.50.

28. St. John Sport white smooth t-shirt, sold for $20.

29. Carole Little rayon skirt, sold for $20.

30.  Coldwater Creek red satin dress, sold for $20


  1. Love all the vera! I adore that green suit and I really love that garden party dress. I would be terrible to shop with - I would just want to keep everything!

  2. Thanks! The green swimsuit was actually mine. I just had a few too many. Ha. Not too much thrills me anymore since I shop so often. Plus my life doesn't call for fun clothing. But occasionally I am tempted to keep something.


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