Friday, August 9, 2013

My ABSOLUTE Favorite Thrift Find (and other photos from around the house)

Do you know when you are out shopping and your heart stops? That is exactly what happened to me at the thrift on Monday. I literally said "oooooh" out no one.

Want to see more photos? Okay :)

Isn't it stunning?!? The designer is Tano and the purse is vintage. I have found items with a higher value but none that I have loved more than this bag. I am planning on keeping it for a few months and then possibly selling it. It should bring about $150. 

And some other photos from around our home: 

In the Wal-Mart clearance aisle yesterday, I found these Revlon foundations. They were just $1! I purchased all they had. Had I remembered my coupon book, they would have been free. Oh well! I plan on selling these on ebay.

My hubby & I were all set to go to the Netherlands and Paris and we were to leave next week. However, our plans have changed. There would be no way I could walk around and enjoy the trip.

Thankfully we purchase trip insurance. Since we have a family staying at our home, we need to go somewhere. We have decided to go down to Anna Maria Island in FL. It is one of our favorite spots in the US and we got a great deal on a condo. We leave in less than a week! We are driving down and my inventory is coming with us. I have it all ready to go! This is about half of it.

My left knee has been giving me a lot of trouble. Thankfully my hubby had these (vintage) crutches which are helping me get around when the pain is bad. I will find out what the MRI said on Monday.

Since most items I purchase from thrifts need washed, my sink usually has something soaking. This morning it was a jacket from St. John.

This closet is usually FULL of thrift finds. However, almost all my inventory is listed. This is what is left to list this week.


  1. Praying for your knee. Love how organized you are. You remind me of both of our moms! I must of missed the gene. :)
    And super excited you get to go on a trip still!


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