Monday, October 31, 2011


Growing up, we didn't celebrate Halloween. I still don't agree with the holiday but I do dress up. The residents get a kick out of my outfits and I am doing it more for the laughs and smiles than anything else. With that said, here is what I look like today:

I have on the crazy Halloween vest I purchased at Goodwill for less than $1, the black sequin skirt I got for $3 and the orange and black striped tights I got on ebay a few years back. Altogether, the outfit and jewelry were less than $10. Ha!


  1. Luv the tights!! Can I ask why you don't really 'do' Halloween? I thought it was a given if you lived in the USA. It's not big over here either, so I was just wondering? :)

  2. Hi Kerry! Sure, you can ask. My family are born again Christians. Some Christians believe that Halloween stems from evil beginnings and they don't celebrate. I am also a Christian but my husband and I believe it is just a fun day. :)


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