Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couponing...Does everyone do it?

Back when I didn't work so many hours, I use to cut coupons. I would regularly save more money than I spent when I went grocery shopping. This was back when I spent more time in the house and more time cooking.

Since taking a job that keeps us away from our home every other week, I stopped paying much attention to coupons. Occasionally I will still buy coupons on ebay (which is way easier than cutting them).

My meals at home usually look like this:

Breakfast: Fiber One granola bar
Mid morning snack: Fiber One granola bar
Dinner (or lunch): Tyson chicken strips, microwaved
Mid afternoon snack: Fiber One granola bar
Supper: Spinach salad with blackberries, shredded cheddar and light dressing
Snack before bed: Fiber One granola bar

My husband eats tuna out of the can, egg whites and grilled chicken in rotation. We are very unimaginative eaters. About 3 times a week I grill pork or steak but that is about as imaginative as I get.

So you understand why I don't coupon too often. BUT, today I received the Sunday paper and there were FOUR coupon inserts. FOUR. Usually there are one or two but for some reason this week was extra special.

And as I flipped through I started to cut. I came up with a total of about 10 coupons. Since I work at a retirement community where most residents get the paper but don't use the coupons, I can get a ton of these inserts for nothing.

The inserts included Fiber One coupons and Tyson chicken coupons. Jackpot! In addition there were coupons for napkins (everyone uses napkins), shampoo & conditioners (I am not picky and will buy whatever is cheapest) and Betty Crocker cookie mix (I regularly bake for the neighbors). These are items I would usually buy anyway.

The items I wouldn't usually buy but I may depending on the price are: fat-free Pringles and Pillsbury Egg Scrambles.

So I will be saving about $20 off my next grocery bill. PLUS there was a coupon for $8 off of 2 Covergirl face products. I checked my favorite coupon blog, Together We Save and there is a great deal at Rite Aid:

CoverGirl Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off
Buy 4 CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Concealers $5.49 each
Buy 4 CoverGirl Blush $5.39 each
Total After B1G1 50% Off Sale $32.64
Use 4 $8/2 coupons from the 10/2 PG
Pay $0.64
Receive a $10 +Up Reward (when you buy $30 worth of select P&G products)
Final Cost FREE & $9.36 moneymaker

I don't use CoverGirl (I am a Bare Minerals girl) but I will definiately be buying this deal as it is free plus there is a moneymaker. I can always sell the items on ebay if I don't use them and make even more money.

Does anyone else coupon? What is your favorite coupon blog site?

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