Sunday, October 2, 2011

All things pumpkin

I am not a "Halloween-y" person. With that being said, I will dress up for the holiday since I work at a retirement community and the residents love themed outfits and costumes. A good example is what I'm wearing today. I have on a Steelers themed shirt that I made from a black and yellow striped top I found at a thrift. I purchased 1/3 yard of Steelers material and trimmed the front, the hem and the sleeve cuffs with a ruffle. I also have Steelers earrings on. This is not the only Steelers outfit I own. I should mention at this point that I am not a Steelers fan. In fact, I don't watch football at all. But, the residents love it.

I have a ton of Halloween sweaters, vests and even orange & black striped tights. I plan on being a modest woodland fairy which is what I was for the last three years. There are not too many modest costumes for women and this one is my "go to" costume. I will post a photo as it gets closer.

So, not a fan of Halloween. But, I do love the look of pumpkins. I don't like the flavor pumpkin but looking at pumpkins makes me happy. It must be all the times my parents took us kids pumpkin picking and on hay rides (I am now allergic to hay, so that is also out).

On the Martha Stewart website, they have a lot of decorating ideas. Martha is truly the best with decorating ideas. Is there anything she and her team cannot decorate?

Here are a few from the site that I love.

How easy would this first one be to make? You just carve a big hole, scrape out the seeds and add fake teeth.

This next one is awesome. I love that the large pumpkin is eating the smaller pumpkin.

I would not be able to do either of these next two in a million years but Martha has the templates on her website if you are interested.

I'm not sure I'd have the will power to leave the candy on the pumpkin but this is a great idea of younger kids who cannot carve with a knife.

Love, love, love these! I seriously may consider trying the porcupine pumpkins this year. I could line them up on my front porch.

Going with the theme of pumpkins, here are a few of my favorite things this week.

Pre-made fondant pumpkins

This next one will make you melt inside.

Pumpkin Beanie

Velvet Pumpkin Tutorials

Pumpkin Soap

Pumpkin Wreath


  1. I vow to have a Halloween party eventually in my life.
    Maybe the fact that it isn't common here in Australia makes it more of a novelty for me.
    I wish I could be over in the US now, it'd be fantastic to experience it at it's fullest!

  2. I love these pumpkins. Thank you for giving me a lot of ideas for decorating!


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