Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Items (after rebate)

I found an awesome blog which has a monthly newsletter with links to free items.

Here are three I am going to do. I am usually pretty good about sending away for the rebates.

Lysol Dual Action Wipes

Bissell Stomp 'n Go

Woolite Carpet Stain Remover

I also signed up for a free sample of these gorgeous floral scented reeds.

On another note...

I am on DAY 8 of a cold. Shouldn't a cold only last a few days!?! I stopped taking medicine on Day 6 when I thought it was getting better. Perhaps that was my problem?

I have been through one bottle of NyQuil, two boxes of cold & flu pills, 2 sets of bed sheets (I changed them when I thought I felt better), 50 cough drops and about 300 tissues.

I looked up how to treat a cold and the suggestions were not too helpful:

-Take a few days off of work (no can do)
-Eat chicken noodle soup (bor-ing!)
-Get plenty of rest (also no can do)
-Avoid smoking ( fact I have never smoked in my life)
-Avoid as much human contact as possible (not easy when you manage a building of 140 residents and a staff of 50)
-Sweat out your cold: cover up with extra blankets (I'm sure the residents would love if I walked around with a blanket)
-Flush out your sinuses (This creeps me out. I think I may drown if I ever did this)
-Eat fruits (okay...finally something I can do!)

Anyway, I am hoping that tomorrow it will be gone and this will be my only cold of the season.

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