Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dressing Up...

¿looɥɔs ɯoɹɟ ʎɐp ǝʇısoddo ɹǝqɯǝɯǝɹ noʎ op

I loved themed days because that meant I got to dress up. And I loved dressing up as a child. It has stuck with me as an adult.

I remember hat day, opposite day and field day where you wore all the same color as the rest of your team. I believe I remember dressing up from a decade as well (70's day, 80's day, etc). We even had themed days in college.

Yesterday I tried on my Halloween costume and it brought back so many wonderful memories. As a manager of a retirement community, I try to bring the fun of dressing up into the community.

We have had Western Day (I dressed like a cowgirl), many hat days, Halloween, New Years Parties (wearing fancy dresses!) and color days where everyone wears different colors and I tint the water the color of the day.

Today the Steelers play and my husband & I are dressed in black and gold, as are many of the residents.

I am blessed I am in a job where I can wear ugly Christmas sweaters, tops with hearts and pink striped tights for Valentine's Day and bunny ears for Easter. I love that older people think that sparkly sweaters are beautiful and compliment me on my wooden leaf necklace.

The following sweaters are currently listed on ebay but if they don't sell, I plan on keeping them. Some even light up!

I have a friend that is also a co-worker. Last year she came into the office wearing a sweater that looked like Christmas threw up on it. I mentioned that I loved her sweater (it was so ugly it was amazingly awesome). My husband mentioned the fact that I had been selling ugly Christmas sweaters on ebay for the last couple of weeks. She said she had never heard of ugly Christmas sweaters. Oops!!!

I literally have collected dozens of Christmas sweaters for myself from thrift stores over the years. Although I am not a fan of the colder weather, I am excited for the dress up season: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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